DiEM Voice, is an on-going art platform, running simultaneously with DiEM25. The project builds on the idea that people’s voices are the active material of DiEM25 and that each person’s actions, thoughts, ideas, voice- however ‘small’, ‘shallow’, ‘loud’ or ‘low’- can have an impact on how we operate co-operatively and in extend as citizens of Europe.

The first intervention of DiEM Voice will take place during the DiEM25 event Il Tempo del Coraggio in Rome on March 25th, and will be powered by the audience. Through this participatory action we will encourage the audience to make their individual “voices be heard”.  Our aim is to capture questions directly from the audience during the course of the evening. Questions that may not have been expressed otherwise. We will print these questions and gradually fill up the foyer area of Teatro Italia. At the end of the event we will all be confronted with these questions.

DiEM Voice @ Il Tempo del Coraggio:  

Initiated by Danae Stratou

Devised by Xristina Penna   

Produced by Caterina De Mata